Concept Brief 1

Anyone familiar with this brief would be quick to realise that this is being posted long after the 2 week project was completed. Why, you may ask. Well it’s because I only found out yesterday that the first blog post needed to be posted by today so i thought i better get cracking.

The brief was about Bristol Zoo, asking us, in groups, to create a digital user experience to keep regular visitors engaged and to add new ones. There were five main criteria that had to be met outlined by the brief.

• Utilises the Zoo’s archive collection of photos and associated facts from its past 176 years.
• engages users and facilitates new kinds of interaction.
• Makes the heritage sector relevant by using new technology.
• Maximises locative aspects (ie from mobile smart phone access – to onsite installation)
• Appeals to an audience of young families: (children 5-12 and their parents), visitors to Bristol
Zoo, animal lovers.

After a small discussion about the brief, then almost a week coming up with ideas we finally decided how we were going to fulfil all of the design points. Our idea was ‘Safari Snap’ a smartphone game/application which would create an engaging and enriching experience for children.

The general principal for the game was to first present the user with a question where the answer is an animal in the zoo. The user then had to go over to the animals enclosure and take a picture of the animal. after doing so they would need to scan a unique QR code for each animal which will identify whether the answer is correct. This process uses the ‘associated facts from the past 176 years’ mentioned in the points above. If the wrong QR code was scanned it would then prompt the user with another, easier fact in order to help them get it right.

Obviously having to scan a QR code retracts from the immersion in the game as the actual ‘taking a picture of an animal’ is rather meaningless. But then we thought, with all the pictures taken, the can be saved to create a lasting timeline of their day, the animals they’ve seen and it acts as a free memento for the day out. It would be nice to have software which actually analysed the pictures themselves to determine which animal was in it but this seemed to be a bit excessive for a niche game such as this.

The logo for the game was designed in the same style as the iOS 7 application icons as its always good for the icon itself to look good as it makes it more likely that people will keep the app on their phone for longer. The app logo uses the same orange as the website and the original Bristol Zoo logo to create an obvious link between the two. The main image is iconic of a camera and mimics the appearance of the existing camera application on the iPhone as it connotes that this app is to be used for taking pictures. 


(That picture is really big.)

While that logo was being made I too was playing around on photoshop to see what wondrous marvels I could come up with. after a couple of attempts (and looking at an online guide) I finally managed to get the look I desired. This potential logo (or just a cool creation) wasn’t used for the presentation or even acknowledged by my group but I decided I will include it here as i’m quite proud of how it came out, even if I needed a little help. I’m just hoping that no one spots the part on the first ‘S’ where I forgot to add ‘fur’ to the outside. 



When it came down to the actual presentation, that’s where I really need to step up my game. When choosing this course I overlooked the fact that it would require presenting ideas in front of other people. I was more focused on how cool it would be to make websites and games rather than what I would actually be doing. Public speaking, even in front of a small group is not my forte. This is a skill I will really need to work on over this first year as the briefs (I presume, anyway) become more substantial, and my presentation skills are under increased scrutiny. 



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