I'm back! (with logos)

After almost 2 weeks of being too ill to move with glandular fever, i’m finally at a stage where I feel my brain is working enough to actually do something, and what better thing to do that post on this blog I’m supposed to be doing! 

Now, whats a digital media design blog without pieces of digital media design?! It feels appropriate to post something that I’ve done recently so that i don’t look like a complete failure as a student…

Logo Design


Here is a logo i designed for my parent’s business, BuyBits (shameless advertising here). The logo was to be printed on their shipping boxes and therefore had to simple, clear and use minimal colours. The bold black font is easy to read, and the orange underline creates a link between the boxes and the online store. I made the logo on Adobe Illustrator which allowed me to change the shape of the letters to something slightly more interesting. I adjusted some of the letters to make them sort of fit together, which, in a way links to the tagline ‘Hybrid mounting solutions’ as everything is supposed to fit together and work. After seeing the printed boxes (unfortunately i don’t have any pictures) I can say the logo came out just as expected and is clear and easy to read. My only criticism is that the orange on the printed version isn’t the same. I’m not sure if that is a printing error or they just couldn’t make the right colour…. But it’s still cool.

On the topic of logos, this isn’t the only one I’ve created. For my A2 Product Design coursework where i was making a scale model of a shop, I decided to redesign the logo for the front of the store to create an individual brand persona which was still similar to the original brand. 


The logo is for Diamond Supply Co, a clothing company, and as it was going on the front of the store it needed to be bold and easy to read from a distance. The ‘DMND’ lettering is indexical of the word ‘Diamond’ and the shortening has been used before by the brand and would be recognisable. As a failsafe the full name of the brand was included below just for clarification. The use of diamond outlines also anchored the name of the brand. The lettering on this logo design was made on Adobe Illustrator again, but to add the diamonds I used Photoshop. I know it would’ve been possible to do it all in Illustrator but honestly I had no idea what i was doing and am a lot more comfortable on Photoshop. This is something I would like to work on in the future and become more competent with both pieces of software. 

Im sure all of you are wondering what the final model looked like… Never fear, this time i actually have a picture of what it looked like. 


It actually came out a lot better than I expected. The shop front logo was made of two parts, a sublimation printed background which has the diamonds and the small writing on it, and 3D laser cut lettering to make it stand out even more. As you can see I cheekily added a bit of colour to the diamonds to make it a bit more interesting and I think this really makes it stand out more than them just being grey. 



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