Portfolio Progress

I started work on my portfolio website after a lot of time contemplating design ideas and looking at other websites for inspiration. As the website is supposed to be representative of myself, I’ve decided to use a greyscale colour scheme with red as an accent colour because of my dislike of colours and my favourite colour being grey (Fun, right?). I wanted to keep the site clean and as minimalistic as possible hopefully without looking too boring and dull.


Here’s a screenshot of how i currently have the main page of my site. The index page will be where I display my portfolio of work as this is the first thing I want people to see, making it clear that I do stuff… and this is it. Ignore the pretty pictures of flowers and such, they’re just placeholder images until I actually put some real work on there. On hovering over an image, it becomes resaturated, adding a splash of colour to the page and the title of the piece of work appears, as demonstrated by the first image in the grid. After making this i realised there are some potential issues here when viewing the website on a phone or tablet as you can’t exactly ‘hover’ over an image. A work around for this would be needed to detect when a mobile device is being used.

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