Lets Get Responsive

I’ve been hard at working trying to make sure that my website is responsive and will work on phones and tablets too. I have come up with a solution which i really like using media queries to create a mobile menu and change the photo grid to best fit the window. The main width of the site is 960px as it’s a standard size to use, this makes the photo grid have 4 columns. the next size down is 768px wide which has 3 columns. Once the full size of the window drops below 800px, the grid becomes more fluid and the main body takes up now 95% of the window rather than a pixel definition to maximise use of space on a small device. The navigation here also changes to a mobile friendly version to make it tidy and easy to use as shown below.



There is still a problem with the images due to the lack of being able to ‘hover’ on a tablet so the images remain black and white, and the title is always hidden. One possible solution is to have have the title always visible and the saturation of the images set to ~50% to still try an stick to the black and white feel of the portfolio.

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