Colour theory


The connotations of colours are pretty important when designing stuff, it’s not all about looking pretty, though that is still rather important. For my colour scheme I looked at the connotations of the colours I will use and how they reflect me/ my work.

  • Red – Red is a powerful colour and works great as an accent colour which I’m using, though needs to me used in small proportions as to not be overwhelming. It can also connote passion, perhaps my passion for design and such.
  • Black – Black is a neutral colour, commonly used as it is clear and easy to read which makes it good for typography and functional parts of the site. 
  • white – White is associate purity and cleanliness which is just what i want to use for a minimalist design. A white background can make other things stand out more on the website. 

While making the social network link buttons for my site, I noticed that all Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram all use a shade of blue as their primary colour. Surly I’m not the only one to notice this, and after a quick Google search I knew I wasn’t alone. By the looks of it, its down to three (possibly more) reasons: 

  • Colour Psychology – Blue is the colour of the intellect, the mind, making it the colour of communication and when you think about social media, it’s all about communicating.
  • Blue also has the perception as being trustworthy, dependable, safe and reliable. These are the perceived positive qualities of a business who chooses blue.
  • World’s Favourite Colour Research has also shown blue to be the world’s most popular colour.

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