Media Independent techniques

Media independent techniques are general concepts translated into algorithms which can operate on particular data types. These include searchability, fundability and linkability (Manovich, 2013).

A further technique could be resizability; the ability to resize media, changing the actual properties of it (opposed to just zooming in). Digital media artefacts can easily be manipulated and made different sizes. Images and videos can be made bigger, as the cost of the resolution dropping or they could be made smaller. Text in documents can be resized to suit user preference. Media in a window, such as a webpage resize as the window is made larger or smaller so that the content can better fit inside. When viewed on a mobile device such as an iPhone, the webpage is resized to better fit the size of the screen. Links may be resized on phones to make them bigger and therefore increase the touchability and visibility of the link to make it more usable. All of this relies on algorithms and code so that the content knows how to react to the situation. 

Instances where media independent techniques are used.

Searchability/findability (I’m not sure) – Google AdWords is an online advertising service that allows users to define a list of keywords and create an advert that appears on Google when these words are searched. Through the ability to search for specific words, and then knowing what these words would be, businesses can make their websites appear on the first page of the google search making their website or online shop far more findable. 

Findablity- The ability to use the ‘find’ tool and search a whole page of text to find a specific word, number, phrase etc. If looking for a certain piece of code for example, the find tool can be used to quickly jump to that instance rather than searching through the whole document. There is also the find-and-replace tool which allows users to find the instances as before but to then replace them with a different word or number, saving time looking through individually for each instance. 

Linkability – Web pages have links to other web pages using a specific URL to go to. Offline documents can also have links within the document. For example, you can embed a hyperlink in a Pages or Word document which can link to a webpage or another document, perhaps used for referencing.



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