Channel Project: The brand

We have been tasked with a group Channel Project which involves creating a brand/identity and then making videos to go on a channel website which tie it all together.

For the brief we came up with the idea of a biological contact lens which augments reality and generally makes the users life better. The first step of the project was to come up with a brand name and a logo for the channel to fit with our idea. Initial thoughts started with words associated with vision and eyes, and after much deliberation we concluded with Convex. We chose convex as a contact lens is convex, but also the word also means pushing forward which is what a futuristic technology company does.


The logo we came up with has a natural, curved look which makes it look more biological rather than digital or electronic. The shape of the logo also connotes the double helix shape of DNA to add to the biological essence of the brand. As for the type, we chose a simplistic font which is clear, easy to read and has nice, natural looking curves which tie in nicely with the logo itself.


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