Generative Design with Processing

I took it upon myself to try and self-teach a new skill, something which combined my love of pictures and graphics with the code writing aspect of the course. After being introduced to it in a workshop, I decided to look further into Processing. Processing is a programming language which is closely linked to visual arts. After a few weeks of watching videos and just generally messing around with it, I was able to see how quickly and easily something could be made. I started with simple projects such as a basic drawing tool and a ball which seemed to bounce around the window.

For a while now I’ve been interested in generative design, graphics and pictures which are computer generated and I was able to learn how a lot of different things could be made in processing. I made a relatively simple sketch which allowed me to generate geometric shapes and manipulate the outcome based on the position of my mouse. The Y-axis changed the number of vertex’ on the shape and the Y-axis changed the size of it. In the end I managed to create come cool looking images, out of countless possibilities. For some of the designs, I made it so the thickness of the line changed randomly, as well as lowering the opacity to get different effects. Here are a few that I liked in particular.


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