Channel Project: The Videos

The videos to go on the website were going to be adverts to show off the product (Convex) and how it fits in and improved everyday life. Originally we had the idea of showing it from a first person view, demonstrating the visual overlays and how it would look for the user. This idea is similar to how Google Glass promotional videos are. However with doing this, it would involve a lot of post production and learning how to use Adobe After Effects as none of the group members were familiar enough to do something that complex. We finally settled on the idea of informercials, which use satire to show off the product. This would involve using an example where Convex isn’t used, and the user is having a lot of trouble completing a task, this is compared to doing the task with Convex, demonstrating the dramatic improvement use of the product has made. 

Before filming anything, potential storyboards were made to get an idea of what was going to be filmed and edited. We came up with more idea than we actually followed through with to give us choice of the best ones which would be most suitable to be made. 




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