Channel Project: Reflection

Now having completed and handed in the project, it seems like a good time to reflect on the outcome and my progress as a digital media designer. Overall I think the outcome was great, the videos were well edited and fit the satirical informercial style theme we were going for. The website definitely fits with the design-fi theme, and compliments the videos well. As for improvements to the project, It would’ve been nice to use a voiceover for the videos. We contemplated doing this but time was a big issue (as well as no-one wanting to have their voice recorded). It would’ve been nice to develop the videos a bit further, giving a better idea of what the product actually is/does but again, we ran out of time. 

As a whole I feel my team working skills are a bit better, becoming a more versatile team member for in production. I learned the basics of using After Effects which I can build upon in the future and add to my growing repertoire of production skills. Time management is something which can be worked on as we found ourselves rushing at the last minute to get the videos edited together meaning they weren’t as good as they could’ve been (but are still pretty good). 


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