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The current theme of the things we’re doing at uni is involving animation. We looked at the history of animation, with its analogue past, and the present state of animation which as a whole has been made digital. One of the first examples we looked at was the Zoetrope, which used a spinning cylinder with slits in it. As it spins, you look through a slit and see the image opposite, this is then covered until the next slit spins into place, revealing the next picture. This gives the illusion of movement as the picture is swapped for a slightly different one each time.  A basic, modern equivalent of this could be drawing shapes in Paint or something similar, saving multiple, slightly varying images and then putting them together as an animated .gif which shows each image one at a time, giving the illusion of movement much like a zoetrope. 

Today we looked at using Adobe Flash in order to make animations. Even though Flash is rather outdated and not really used anymore, for some reason I don’t fully understand we’re learning how to use it anyway. Animating in Flash basically just uses keyframes which show one after the other (much like the .gif). 

This isn’t the first experience i’ve had with animating with keyframes though. In the past i’ve used Tumult Hype to make an animated HTML 5 website, which used keyframes and positions to fill in the frames in-between. A system such as this, I think has a better future than flash as that is slowly being erased from the face of the earth. Hype uses Javascript for the animations which is more commonly used today on the web.

We’ve been tasked with creating a series of short, 15 second animations which accompany music to form a mini portfolio of some sort. On my blog, here, I will post my progress as I slowly learn how to use flash and (hopefully) improve making better and better animations each time which not only fit with the music, but are visually appealing and interesting. 

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