Recently we have been looking at photography and image manipulation as part of the course. We looked a stitching photos together to make panoramas using a free program, Hugin. After the workshop I had a quick attempt of my own, in my room as I wasn’t really feeling getting up and going somewhere interesting. Image

This is a lovely panoramic image of the left side of my room, showcasing my wonderful posters, noticeboard and partly my very tidy desk. Clearly the image isn’t perfect, mostly due to bad photography on my part as using a spinny desk chair clearly isn’t the best way to take a panorama.  To get a good panorama, the camera needs to be pivoted around a single point so the depth and distance doesn’t change. Spinning in my chair meant that the whole camera was moving rather than pivoting (is there a difference?) and it make it more difficult to line things up on the edges of the pictures.

When I first came down to bournemouth I went down to the beach to bask in its sandy glory. Naturally, being as excited as I was, I took pictures on my phone of the picturesque scene. One of them being a panorama using the built in feature on my phone. This one came out a lot better than more more recent attempt, but I feel the simpler scene had a lot to do with that. Panoramas work well when there isn’t drastic changes in the foreground and background, making landscapes ideal. However with Hugin, it has a bit more trouble trying to find reference points to stitch together images which can result still in bad panoramas. Panoramas are such a hassle.


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