Van Styles

Whilst still thinking along the lines of photography, I became more interested in looking at the work of other photographers and looking at what techniques they used to make their pictures stand out and look appealing. My favourite photographer at the moment is Van Styles. He started with photographing and videoing skateboarding which has had a great influence in his work, which moved on to photographing models for streatwear and fashion shoots. I decided to look at some of his pictures and how they linked with the theories and techniques we’ve looked at and used.

All the pictures i’m using as examples are taken from his blog which has a mixture of photos from his work with models, to landscapes and random moments. 



I like the colours on this picture of the beach, the pink shades make the sunset stand out and it just looks really cool. 



This picture was shot using black and white film at night which gives it the iconic grainy texture. The lack of colour makes the lights really prominent. The rule of thirds has been used with the main detail being framed in the center. This give it a level of symmetry which makes it visually appealing. 



This one uses perspective and lines to make it really stand out. All the lines in the tunnel point your eye toward the light at the end which is the main focus of the image. I also like the balance of light in the foreground and background, where the mid-ground is a lot more shadowed, making the end of the tunnel seem even brighter.



This last one also uses the rule of thirds with the toy bear as the main subject. I particularly like the lighting on this one with the darker, and more grimy foreground, contrasted with the clearer and brighter background. 


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