Portfolio 2.0

By the time I finished making my first portfolio site, I hated it. I had spent far too long looking at it, tweaking it, trying to get it how I wanted and ended up losing sight of the end goal. This pushed me to start creating and developing a new website, one that hopefully I don’t get tired of, and one that is a better reflection of me and my skills as a Digital Media Designer.

From the beginning I knew that I wanted to have an image as the background. This served two purposes; firstly it is far more interesting to look at than a solid block of colour, and secondly it helps fill empty space on larger screens (a problem I had with my old site). I was also tired of the grid format I had for my portfolio, it seemed outdated and just generally wasn’t very good to look at, despite being practical and ordered.

Portfolio 2.0

As always I started with the homepage. Just like my first site, I kept the portfolio of work on the main page, making it the first thing they see. As for the text near the top, that is just a placeholder and i’ll probably put something a bit more… normal, when I think of it. Sadly I didn’t get any screenshots of my progress as I made it so the above screenshot is generally how it’s going to be. To compliment having a background image, the boxes for the content on the page are transparent, but to a level where the text is still easily legible.

I kept the header similar with my name/logo on the left and the navigation on the right. I like having it like this as its easy to find and is suitable for a responsive layout.  For my work, I made them stack vertically, almost filling the width of the page. The background colours are colours used in each of the pieces of work, which will likely make each one unique.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 20.06.46

As always, the layout is responsive, with the navigation bar dropping below my name using a CSS media query, and the text resizing dynamically to best fit the size of the screen. Even when the site is in mobile view, it is easily recognisable as my portfolio, as the layout and theme remain the same. With this starting point, I already like my new website a lot more than the old, it looks more modern and a better representation of my style.

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