Kinetic Typography: first attempt

From watching various kinetic typography videos to give me some inspiration, I decided that I’m going to need move the text as well as the camera to get a good effect. When making my video, I attempted to keep it organised, keeping the layers in order and such but as I neared the end of the audio clip, I had over 70 layers and things got a bit confusing. There was also the problem with not shortening the length of the tracks, as at the time I didn’t even know this was possible. Having all my layer tracks lasting the duration of the whole video meant that I had to keep changing the opacity of the text to hide it as the camera moved around. Managing layers better is something I will definitely do next time I make something in After Effects.


Here is a screenshot of the work in progress, showing all the camera movements I had to do to navigate between the bits of text. This was the longest and most laborious process, trying to get it to move in a way that seemed fluid and fit with the movement of the text.

As for the background its a dark, subtle starry picture, as the film is set in space, it makes sense really. I used a different font for each of the voices, however they’re still pretty similar (both being serif fonts an’ all) so the differentiation between the two isn’t overly obvious; this is something which could be addressed in a future attempt. the font used for George Clooney’s character, is reminiscent of a typewriter, giving it a more authoritative feel which is perfect as the clip has him giving instructions. I chose serif fonts as they are more serious than sans-serif. If I were to use a font like Helvetica for example, I feel it would detract from the seriousness and the panic of the situation with the more smooth and playful letterforms.

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