Blender: Baby Steps

This is my first attempt at making something in Blender. The two random looking flat panels are lights to illuminate my text so that it could be seen. The ”cycles” renderer in Blender uses objects emitting light rather than dedicate lights to illuminate scenes.  I changed the text texture to glass to make it a see-through as it looks cool. I didn’t do the lighting very well and the text still looks pretty dark. This was really my first experimentation with blender, just getting an idea of using different colours, textures and lighting styles.


With this one I kept the same ones as before but this time had a ‘light’ the same shape as the text but directly behind it, this made it look like the glass itself was glowing which looks far better than before. I probably could’ve gotten the rendered image from a better angle but it took so long to render (A solid 5 minutes, i’m rather impatient) that I decided it wasn’t really worth it as I could easily create something 10 times better in a few days.

2 3

Next we learned how to do texture mapping using an image, instead of changing the material it’s made of. To do this we had to use UV-mapping on the shape in order to be able to apply the 2D texture onto a 3D shape. This feature is probably going to be very useful in the future as things get more complicated as its a way of creating realistic looking things using real life images.

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