Kinetic Typography: third video

For some crazy reason I decided to do yet another kinetic typography video, This time of a clip from a cutscene in FarCry 3. I chose this one as it had varied speech patterns (if thats the way to word it); in the clip, Vaas (the character in the clip) speaks fast, slow, and is emotive at the same time. I felt this would make it perfect for a kinetic typography video, better than the one for my second attempt. This one was a bit more ambitions, being ~3 times longer than the other two I’ve done, but as my After Effects skills improved, my workflow sped up and it didn’t take much longer to complete than my first attempt.

For the font, I used the font from the game itself (for pretty obvious reasons), it creates a clear link between the two which was evident from showing people after I made the video. The first reaction from a couple of people was “is that the font from FarCry?”, making it pretty clear they saw the connection.  As for colours, the white text on a black/dark background makes it stand out more, and the text is more obvious than if it were inverted. I used a dark red to emphasise certain words, this colour connotes passion and, in a sense, insanity (which is the word in red…). This just makes it stand out a bit more, which is what I wanted. Overall I think this is my best attempt yet (and so it should be), the timing is ‘spot on’ (as i’ve been told by my friends) and different sizes and speeds of the texts conveys the emotion of the clip quite well.

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