Design Iterations: Final Poster

After receiving feedback on the first iteration of the Dorset independence poster, we went on to develop and improve our idea for the poster. We came up with our idea for the slogan ‘An independent Dorset is a better Dorset’ as it is simple and quite clearly gets the point across what the poster is about. As for typography and layout we were inspired with a Bauhaus style and using two contrasting fonts to make it a bit abstract and eye catching. It’s interesting to note that new idea of ‘new typography’ came from the Bauhaus movement, considering typography to be a communications medium concerned with the clarity of the message in its most emphatic form. Typography became more than just away of communicating words it was a way of putting a deeper meaning into the message though imagery with the type, looking at what the letter forms might connote rather than just their depictions.

As for the image itself, it remained largely the same but I remade it at a higher resolution and put a bit more care in when cutting out the shapes to give cleaner edges. I also decided to desaturate the background a bit to make the figure and flag stand out a lot more. This is a definite improvement on the last iteration as before the background was too colourful and distracted from the foreground.

You might be thinking “Hey, why are there only two iterations of this poster?!” That’s because I don’t have the files for the final version so don’t have the screenshots of the iterations. Hopefully at some point I will get ahold of them and add them in here. For now, you can use your imaginations.

In one iteration we toyed around with different fonts for the tagline, trying a variety of serif and sans serif fonts to see which best suited our imagery and message. The combination we came up with can best be described as a mixture of ‘old style’ with the serif style font, and ‘new stye’ with the more modern and clean sans-serif font. I feel the combination of the two best exemplifies the focus on traditional Dorset heritage and the future and more modern side of the county.

The next stage of iteration turned to designing a logo to be placed on the poster. The idea behind the logo was to make an image that could be used to potentially tie together a series of posters by uniting them with a common, recognisable logo. Again, logo employs Dorset related imagery with the three hills and sunset behind. It’s a relatively simple logo but I feel it still manages to get the idea of Dorset across. The logo ended up on the top right of the poster as to balance out the text near the bottom left.



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