Clock Update

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.34.25


After creating the basic clock, I decided to experiment with another way of displaying the time. My new, updated clock uses the hour, minute and time to make bars which are a visual representation of the time. The values for the time are multiplied by 4, to make the values bigger and then used to adjust the y values for the rectangles.

To do it this way i had to change the rectangle mode from the default setting to “CORNERS” which allows you to define the coordinates for a corner, and its opposite to draw the shape, rather than just one corner and the height and width.

My inspiration for this was a Pebble watch face I used to have on my watch which had bars to represent the progress through the year, month, week and day.

While still not exactly that interesting to look at, I feel this was a good experiment to play around with using different variables for adjusting shape, a method that may be useful in future projects.

Heres a little gif of it in action, sped up as second are too slow:



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