Poster Space & Conclusions

While coming up with the final design for our poster, we scouted out the area we were presenting them in the Media School building foyer to determine the best place to put our poster. We spent a 10 minute period between 10:55 & 11:05 sitting in the foyer counting how many people passed through and what they were doing. Observing over the change of the hour definitely had an impact on our results as it is the period when people are leaving/ going to their lectures and workshops, meaning there are more people about than during other times.

Over the period we observed 206 people pass by us, both entering and leaving the building. The majority of people went straight through the building, going from the exist to the opposite stairs and vice versa. As a whole, these people were moving quickly, supposedly as they had a lecture or somewhere to go. This meant that they weren’t really taking in their surroundings as much, and are people less likely to notice a poster.

Interestingly, during this period 24 people stopped to queue to get a drink at Costa. While in the queue, some people spent the time looking around the room while others were more focused on their phones. Initially we wanted to put our poster near the Costa counter to catch the eye of people in the queue, but the employees at Costa weren’t too happy about this so we couldn’t.

My crude diagram below shows the general layout of the foyer, with exits in the 4 corners and seating along the sides. By far the most common route people took was going from the entrance to the stairs in the top left, however this is the route were people were traveling at their fastest as obviously they had more important places to be.

We decided that the best place to put our poster would be on the wall, straight ahead of the entrance to the building (Shown on the diagram in blue). This meant that it would be in the line of sight of everyone walking into the building and would hopefully catch their eye.



Unfortunately this is the only non-blurred picture I managed to get of the poster up in the foyer on the wall ahead of the entrance. When walking into the building this is one of the first things you see so we felt it would be difficult not to see the poster.

IMG_0401After putting the poster up, we waited around a while to see if anyone notices it or reacts to it. The majority of people passed straight past probably not even noticing it, we noticed a few quick glances as it but clearly they weren’t interested enough to stop or go in for a closer look. There were a few however who did stop to get a better look at the poster, and there were a couple of laughs here and there.

The feedback we received indicated that the poster was well liked. It was eye catching enough for some and the placement seemed to work quite well. One clear criticism would be that the figure, and in particular the chicken distract from the message of the poster as people found them so humorous that they missed the point that the poster was trying to convey. The poster would definitely work better in a larger format to better meet the requirements of the space, increasing the size of the figure and the chicken, make the dead stare even harder to avoid. Overall I think the group worked well to create this poster, it was bold and eye catching which was what we were going for, but the message was overshadowed by the use of imagery.


2 thoughts on “Poster Space & Conclusions

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