Weymouth House Public Screens Brief

For the Design Iterations unit we have been given a brief that is marked through this blog. The brief is to:

Create a piece of interactive information design for a shared public space, which is intended to elucidate/explain some an idea or concept you perceive as key to our 21st century media experience.

The task here is to create a camera based interactive information graphic using Processing to be displayed on one of the public screens in the foyer of Weymouth House (the Media building). The aim of the piece is to display one of the media related concepts we have been learning about last year and during this term.

Media concepts could be related to technologies, for example displaying sorting algorithms or network connections, or they could be more media theory related looking into semiotics or identity & representation. It can be a literal/ direct piece of information or can be a more abstract/artistic interpretation of an idea.

Currently, I am leaning towards the more abstract interpretation based on my current understanding of Processing. Processing is geared towards creating artistic pieces and is very capable of displaying information in an abstract format.

Taken from the brief:

The work will be developed iteratively through a process of testing and analysis, through at four-stage design cycle:

1) requirements gathering 
2) analysis
3) design
4) user testing
Hopefully on this blog I demonstrate my iterative design process while tackling this task, showing each stage of my progression as I find solutions to design problems to ultimately meet the needs of the brief.

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