Processing: Video

Thinking about ideas for the brief, I thought a good starting point would be getting to grips with getting a live camera feed to work in processing. This was simple enough, as luckily processing has a video library you can import and use. The code below creates a small video, 320 x 240px to be exact, and thats about it. The first if statement in the draw() is essential as it checks that there is a video camera to use before trying to run it. Without this, if you didn’t have a camera it could cause your computer to lock up and that just isn’t enjoyable for anyone.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 14.43.10

Getting the camera working is obviously the first step to get working on camera based interactions. There are libraries available, such as the OpenCV library which allows for more advances camera interactions such as face tracking. Getting to learn how to use this may be good for the project as it provides a greater level of interactivity by recognising that there are people in the space and doing something related to that.


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