My Final Idea

My experimentation with processing has led me down the route of face-tracking based interactions. My ideas all stemmed from the basic example with the OpenCV library which put a green rectangle around the faces it saw on screen. With this example I am able to get the x & y coordinates, the width & height of the faces and the number of faces it sees in the room. It was all a matter of experimenting what could be done with these parameters to create an interesting interaction.

My final idea for the project is to do face swapping of the faces tracked on screen. This idea builds upon one of my previous ideas where I was capturing the pixels of the tracked face and saving it as an image. The process can initially be broken down into a few steps of what I will need to write to get me started in the right direction:

  1. Track the faces on the video feed.
  2. Capture the tracked faces and save them as an image within Processing.
  3. Resize the images to match the face they will be swapped with.
  4. Display the resized faces on top of the video feed in the appropriate location.

The piece is going to be linked with ideas about changing behaviour based on ideas around identity and representation, looking at audience theories (i.e. reaction to being watched), and playing with their sense of self via altered representations.

My initial thoughts here are that it’s going to be interrupting and altering peoples self image as they will see their face and their body but not together as they should be which will change their behaviour as they will have to consider their facial expression and body language more separately as they will be torn between watching one or the other. The aim is to get some playful interactions where people actually stop to look at the piece rather than just a quick glance in passing.

Face swapping doesn’t really seem like that much of an original idea as I’m sure its something anyone with photoshop has done before in the past, including me. e.g:


The process for face swapping involved choosing a face, cutting it out and placing it down where there are other faces in the image. However this process has never really been quick or easy and requires a decent degree of accuracy to look good.

I then thought if there were any apps which did this. I knew there were apps which would do face swapping on image static images but I was looking for something which would do it on real time video. The closest thing I could find was Face Stealer. However this swapped the face with another face from an image using a series of control points to match up the eyes, mouth and jawline. From my searching I couldn’t find anything that swapped the faces of 2 people (or more) in a video feed real time while they’re watching it and this only pushed me further to give it a try.


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