Some Inspiration

After coming up with my idea I looked for some inspiration to see how people were using face detection and swapping at the moment. By far the best and closest thing to my idea was this: (Faces from arturo castro on Vimeo.)


This face swapping looked a little more advanced than what i’m probably capable of and was made using OpenFrameworks. Instead of OpenCV like I am going to use, this uses ofxFaceTracker, an addon for OpenFrameworks which does more complicated face tracking. The premise of this example is a different to mine, which in reality is a good thing as I don’t want to be making something thats already been done. With this, A picture is used to overlay on to a face, and in real time is warped to fit the actual face as moves; like a puppet mask type thing. While this is a very interesting effect its not quite what I wanted to achieve but is still good inspiration.

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