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Recently, my parents have been making a new website for their online store. This one uses Magento, which is an open source e-commerce web template. As my parents lack any coding or design skills, i’ve been tasked with making sure that the website looks good, and giving guidance to the web developer in charge of making the whole thing. Over the past couple of weeks i’ve had to familiarise myself the the back-end of the system, creating categories and organising products. On top of this I was tasked with creating a banner and splash page for one of Arkon’s products, as they requested it be on the site. It was interesting learning how back-end of the online store worked and I feel it will could come in handy and be valuable knowledge in the future. Part of my job involved sitting with Steve (the guy in charge of making the website work) and learning how the databases work as well as fixing problems with the theme’s code. It was reassuring to see some of the things I have learned in workshops come in handy when trying to spot why certain elements of the page aren’t working as expected.

If you’re really keen, you can see the banner here¬†as well as the logo I made and wrote about in a previous blog post.

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