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Kinetic Typography

Today we were given a new task, and this time it was a kinetic typography video to accompany a snippet of the audio from the Gravity trailer. Kinetic typography videos are simply moving text and small illustrations to accompanying audio, be it a conversation or a piece of music. The format can be used to shift the focus of a video to what is being said, rather than what is happening on screen. It can be used to emphasise certain words/ phrases and convey and emotion or a particular idea to the audience.

Here are a few examples of kinetic typography that I looked at as inspiration for my own attempt:

Steve Jobs | Typography Motion Graphic

Portal – Still Alive Typography

Kinetic Typography Channel

In almost every example I saw, text size, speed and duration were used to emphasise certain words and these are techniques I hope to employ. I am going to make the video using Adobe After Effects which I first need to learn how to use (could be interesting…).

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