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Kinetic Typography: Take 2

Despite my first attempt taking so long to complete (about 7 hours), with progress being really slow, I enjoyed using After Effects and wanted to take it a bit further. For my second video attempt, I chose to do a clip from Gladiator. The main reason for choosing this, plain and simple, is because Gladiator is one of my favourite films. I was also looking for a clip with minimal background sound or music and clear speech levels, as the focus is on what is being said and I didn’t want anything to detract from that. ┬áMy plan was to better organise the file as I make it, so I can easily keep track off my layers and to make it quicker and easier.


This screenshot shows my current progress and how I cut down each layer to just the time it needed to be on screen, so I didn’t have to worry about seeing it in the background as I moved the camera around in the 3D space.

For the background of the video, I chose a vignette style which makes it a bit more interesting than a flat colour. As for the colour, I used a sandy/beige colour as a homage to the scene in which the audio is from (a sandy arena; sand is kind-of beige). Like my first attempt I used a serif font, but this time it was to be reminiscent of the old roman empire (think Times New Roman) as I think thats the era the film is set, or something like that.

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Kinetic Typography

Today we were given a new task, and this time it was a kinetic typography video to accompany a snippet of the audio from the Gravity trailer. Kinetic typography videos are simply moving text and small illustrations to accompanying audio, be it a conversation or a piece of music. The format can be used to shift the focus of a video to what is being said, rather than what is happening on screen. It can be used to emphasise certain words/ phrases and convey and emotion or a particular idea to the audience.

Here are a few examples of kinetic typography that I looked at as inspiration for my own attempt:

Steve Jobs | Typography Motion Graphic

Portal – Still Alive Typography

Kinetic Typography Channel

In almost every example I saw, text size, speed and duration were used to emphasise certain words and these are techniques I hope to employ. I am going to make the video using Adobe After Effects which I first need to learn how to use (could be interesting…).

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