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Blender: Low Poly Scene

Blender: Low Poly Scene

I tried my hand at making a low poly(gon) scene, having looked at a tutorial. I found it incredibly frustrating to make due to my lack of mouse which makes using Blender a lot easier, this led me to not spent too long working on it. However one good thing about working at low poly is that it runs a lot better on my laptop as it doesn’t have to render as many shapes. Its a great way to mock up an initial idea before creating a higher quality version, or just to create stylised artwork.

I like the idea for the scene, but it could’ve been better executed, and this is something I will do when my mouse comes (today hopefully!). Something here that definitely needs improving is the lighting. I think the problem here is that the global lighting (general lighting over the whole scene) is too high and is dulling the effect of having a sun in position. It’s also weird how I don’t even know whether its day or night… and i’m the one who made it.

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